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Start Up Design&Manufacture; is an advertising company which supply advertising services and corporate, introducing for increasing sales volume and brand awareness of the companies as turn-key. It has industrial designing, R&D and engineering team in its organic structure. Our central office is located in Atasehir, Istanbul/TURKEY. Our manufacturing sites are located in several parts of Istanbul like Sancaktepe, Gebze and Atasehir and there we have the 3500m2 indoor and 1.000m2 outdoor facilities, which are manufacturing wide-ranging. On the one had we have the capablity to produce plastic, wooden, light metal, heavy metal, plexiglass, (foreks) etc. in our production sites, on the other hand we offer in- and outdoor digital print technologies. In our fields of activity, we offer service regarding Kiosks in shopping centres, P.O.P Stands and POSM products, sign boards and totems, side plating, in- and outdoor digital print services, interior architecture, outdoor city furnitures, outline specifications, designing, planing, production, logistics, montage and after sales support in your complete shop decoration projects as turn key. Our experienced project team works closely with you 24/7 to maintain a high end relationship with you and meet your expectations. Best Regards, START UP DESIGN&MANUFACTURE
Our company established in 1985 based on table and chair production with the name of Massan Metallic Furniture. Afterwards, Massan has improved itself by following technological innovations and needs of the market, extended the product range according to offers and demands of the market. Especially producing the metal cases, racks and dollies which are needed for the production and logistic phases of automotive sector. Shortly, Massan has proved itself on field of industrial transportation vehicles. As necessity of its own area of expertise, Massan Metallic Furniture has merged the approach of visual quality with product quality. By this means, Massan has produced ergonomically and visually appreciated products on the field of industrial transportation vehicles. In this manner, Massan has proved itself by producing many metal products right along with table and chair production and surpassed its own purpose of establishment. During its 30th year of establishment, Massan continues to its way with experienced and specialized staff, a compromising on quality, productive and broad visioned mentality. Massan?s target customers are the leaders of their own field, also with same vision and keep the quality on front. Our company follows the improving technological trends, researches newest and best ways for perfect production. We proudly serve by merging this approach of ours and the customer pleasure.
With long-term collaborations, our basic motivation is to assist differentiating and increasing the remarkability of products at the sales points in the exact time of need; with the exact quality of product and the exact style of desing which has demanded. Our experiences about stand and exhibition systems are the outcomes of our flexible and superiour manufacturing capability with 26 years until 1993. SPECIAL DESIGNS You can find special desiGN products that we manufactured according to our customer's need and requests with them in the link By using every kind of metal, aluminium, plexy, forex, different versions of plastic, wood and glass, we offer solutions that would be agreeable to our customer's need and desire. At this point our working principle is desinging basicly and dimentioning according to number of products that has planned for exhibition; the number of observable products; sizes of pieces; total weight; the characteristic features of the exhibition area and the scheme in your mind. Pricing would be assigned after the desinging process. Serial production process starts after the budget approval with manufacturing sample.
Alpek Metal Industry Ltd. Sti. mainly manufactures products such as shelf, hangers, hangers, medium systems, display units, wall profiles for clothing, electronics, eyeglasses stores. Our company,
VKF Renzel has more than 30 years of experience and competence in sales support systems. Our values ​​that make up our corporate vision; trust, continuity, innovation, creativity and flexibility. Based on these values, our aim is is to create a complete solution for customers in the industrial and retail sectors. Today, the group's operational area covers more than 100,000 m². The VKF Group realizes a turnover of approximately 100 million Euros annually with its 870 people worldwide.
ALIS DESIGN Produces on the information it receives from the customer. Applies customer concepts and designs, presents its customers with production-related support perfectly.Purchasing power, application ability and speed, acquired experiences and expert cost analysis employees with quality costs to ensure that the owner. At the same time, it provides assembly service with the technical staff related to the assembly of the products.
We do produce offset and digitally printed corrugated cardboard display and packaging with our state of the art machines since 1982.Our 15.000m2 plant with warehouse established at European side of Turkey 30 minutes away from Ataturk Airport. We do structurel design,visual design,digital printed mockup preparation and we have CTP workshop in house.We do offset print up to 105cm * 145cm ,6 colors+varnish, UV Varnish, Spot Varnish, Glossy and Matte OPP are also available.We have litho laminators and diecutters ,3 & 4 point ,special display gluing systems with hot and cold glue applications are also available. We offer quick and easy solutions to our multinational customers with reasonable prices.We also offer display assembling ,fullfilment services and distribution to our customers with very fast delivery options. Our company is a member of "Paper-Carton Packaging Industry Association (KASAD)" which is a member of "European Carton Makers Association (ECMA)".
In our factory, which we have established in the 1990s, by developing our shelf sector activities and simultaneously realizing the deficiencies and mistakes in the sector; We are proud to present our best product with minimum cost to our customers by supporting our sub-structure with developing and renewed technology with our customer satisfaction oriented works that we have structured by adopting the principle of total quality management philosophy. With our knowledge, experience and experience in our factory with 5000 m2 capacity, we produce grocery and store racks, deutering shelf systems, all kinds of special display booths and wholesale and retail sales with alternative cost and usage angle product production in our product range.
Our company ,Artintechs was established in Konya in 2011 to present solution partnership with unconditional customer satisfaction about designing and manufacturing of Display Systems with 35 years of knowledge and experience . Our company has reached the top quality systems and quality standards on each step of production that enables us to give our customer satisfaction. We continue our business with the confidence comes from the quality management systems which was established with our educated, experienced and talented team. We are assertive about Display Systems beacuse we always target express service to ensure customer satisfaction. We will continue to serve our customers with our creative and imaginary activities, with the power we feel from our customers. As Artintechs, our products are Mattress Display Systems, Pillow Display Systems, Curtain Display Systems and Special Display Systems for various products. Our most popular product is Mattress Display System and our newest product is Pillow Display System. Our all models and products are registered and patented products. Before serving in the market, we are registering our all designs to prevent from their imitation.First we develop and test our products and then immediately apply for certification.